Workshops Offered


Schedule a workshop for your whole class / club / group – or arrange for  a small group of students to visit during class time! We can customize any of the following workshops to fit with your class curriculum, or we’d be happy to work with you to design something new.

Contact Mr. Moore for more information about how you can incorporate EDGE Lab equipment & activities into your classes!

Workshops We Offer

  • Intro to 3D Modeling with Tinkercad
  • Intro to Python: Learn to code!
  • Arduino, pt 1: Intro to electronics & breadboards
  • Arduino, pt. 2: Programming
  • Virtual Reality: HTC Vive (ask us about educational programs available to your students!)
  • Paper Circuits: Create simple circuits with conductive tape, batteries, and LEDs
  • T-Shirt Design: learn to use the Silhouette vinyl cutter & heat press to make your own custom t-shirts
  • Vinyl Stickers / Decals: learn to use the Silhouette to produce your own custom stickers
  • Create Custom Apps: use App Lab to create custom apps for test review, data collection, choose-your-own adventure stories, etc. (No coding experience necessary!)
  • Infographics: Learn to use Piktochart to create custom infographics
  • Adobe Illustrator: Learn to use Illustrator to create custom designs & logos
  • Rube Goldberg: Design Rube Goldberg machines using lab supplies
  • Button Making: Learn to create your own custom buttons
  • Mug Making: Use the mug press to produce your own custom mugs
  • Create Your Own Board Game: using the components of old board games, students learn to make their own board games related to course content