Earn badges

The EDGE Lab uses a Digital Badging system to make sure that students have the necessary knowledge and skills to independently use EDGE Lab equipment. Earning a Digital Badge gives you certain privileges in the Lab, and might also earn you free stuff! See below for a full list of badges and what they entail.

You can earn a Digital Badge by completing a self-paced module in Canvas. Each Digital Badge module is a little different; some can be done from any computer – including your Chromebook – while other activities might require you to use software or equipment in the EDGE Lab. As part of some Badges, you may have to attend an EDGE Lab workshop, orientation, or tutorial.

We’ll be adding more Digital Badges throughout the year. Stay tuned!

Digital Badges Available Now: (click on the badge name for more details)

Digital Badge Skills Taught Practice Completed What You Earn 
Intro to 3D Modeling TinkerCad modeling

SketchUp modeling

UP Mini & MakerBot Software

TinkerCad tutorials

3 TinkerCad designs

SketchUp tutorials

2 SketchUp designs

Use of UP Mini & MakerBot printers

Up to 3 free prints a month

Access to lab during “Badged Students Only” times

Advanced 3D Modeling

(coming soon!)

AutoCad modeling

HP Sprout Pro G2

Prusa software

Printer operation / troubleshooting

AutoCad tutorials

3 AutoCad designs

HP Sprout orientation

Digital Scan on Sprout

Graphic Capture on Sprout

Prusa orientation

Use of Prusa printers

Use of HP Sprout Pro G2

Up to 3 free prints a month

Access to lab during “Badged Students Only” times

Silhouette & T-Shirt Press Using Silhouette & Silhouette Studio 

Paper cutting

Making vinyl decals & stickers

“Weeding” your designs

T-Shirt Press Safety & Operation

Silhouette & T-Shirt Press Orientation

Creating designs in Studio

Card stock print

Vinyl print

T-shirt heat transfer print

Use of Silhouette

Use of T-Shirt Press

3 free sheets of vinyl / month

Access to lab during “Badged Students Only” times

Arduino Installing IDE

How Circuits Work

Writing & Uploading Sketches

Using a Breadboard & Electronic Components

Modifying Sketches

Blinking an LED

Using a Potentiometer

Programming an RGB LED

Connecting Multiple LEDs

Using a Push Button Input

Using a Photo resistor

Use of advanced components / sensors

Use of EDGE Lab’s “Codebender” accounts

Check-out privileges for Arduino kits 

Access to lab during “Badged Students Only” times

Soldering Proper Use & Safety Soldering techniques & safety quiz

Practice demonstration

Use of soldering irons