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Spring 2019 Term: Helix EDGE Course Guide

(Classes meet for 10 days, and are 1 credit each)

Class Description Dates Offered

Periods Offered:

Intro to Making The Intro to Making course is a great introduction to the EDGE Lab, and will call to the inner maker in you! We will learn about vinyl cutting, sticker making, t-shirt design, button making, mug making, 3D Printing and laser cutting. This course will also cover lab procedures and safety. No experience necessary. Jan. 14th – Feb. 8th

“A” Days



Periods 3 & 4

Intro to Python Intro to Python is the beginning entry in learning how to code in Python. We will learn about basic coding principles, and then direct our focus to automation of mundane tasks. We will culminate with a guided final project. No previous experience with code is needed to take this course. Prepares you for Intermediate Python. Jan. 14th – Feb. 8th “B” Days


Apr. 1 – May 3 “A” Days


Periods 3 & 4
Intro to Screen Printing Learn to make your own custom t-shirts. This course will teach you how to prepare designs, create screens, and make professional-looking t-shirts using high-end industry equipment. No previous experience required.

Feb. 11th – Mar. 15th

“B” Days


Periods 3 & 4
Intro to GIS Learn the basics of GIS! We will capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present spatial and geographic data. This is an awesome program that is extremely marketable and interesting to learn.

Feb. 11th – Mar. 15th

“A” Days 


Periods 3 & 4


A series of guided lessons where we learn the basics of electrical engineering, basic engineering principles and robotics. A great beginner course for learning to work with both hardware and software.

Apr. 1st – May 3rd 


Periods 3 & 4



An extension of the Intro to Python course. Here we will learn to make our own GUI’s and create more advanced programs. Must have taken Intro to Python or demonstrate adequate skills to be accepted in this course.

May 6th – June 6th 

Offered both “A” & “B” Days

Periods 3 & 4

4) If you’ll be taking the class during a TA or other class period, get this form signed by your teacher.

5) Come to the Library EDGE Lab (Room 350) on the first day of class!