Art & Graphic Design




HP Sprout Pro G2

Manipulate the physical and digital worlds in innovative ways with immersive technology that’s built with a PC, hi-res cameras, Touch Mat and 2D and 3D scanning capabilities.

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Silhouette Cameo 3

The Silhouette CAMEO® is the ultimate DIY machine. It uses a small blade to cut over 100 materials, including paper, cardstock, vinyl, and fabric up to 12 in. wide.

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T-Shirt Heat Press

15-by-15-inch industrial-quality digital heat press. Ideal for applying transfers, letters, numbers, and images on t-shirts, garments, bags, mouse mats, jigsaw puzzles, ID bages, ceramic tiles, and other items.

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Wacom Cintiq 13HD Drawing Tablet

Features a high-resolution 13.3-inch, 1920×1080 display that can render 16.7 million colors. Artists, graphic designers, illustrators, and photographers will enjoy a vivid pen-on-screen experience.

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Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet

Paint, design and create directly on your computer. The Wacom tblet replaces your mouse and turns your computer into a digital drawing canvas.

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Who can use the Wacom Drawing Tablets?

Anyone can use the Wacom Intuos tablets; all you need is your ID card, and you can check one out from EDGE Lab staff.

To use the Wacom 13HD, you need permission from EDGE Lab staff. Generally, the 13HD is reserved for:

  • Students enrolled in EDGE pathways (Business / Entrepreneurship, Computer Science, CAD, etc.)
  • Students enrolled in Art classes
  • Students who are doing art / graphics as part of their senior project

But we will make exceptions! Tell us what you’d like to use the drawing tablet for, and we’ll decide on a case-by-case basis.


Adobe Illustrator

Create logos, icons, sketches, typography and other vector art

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Adobe Photoshop

Create and enhance photos and artwork

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Jeta Logo Design

Free, easy-to-use logo design program

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Silhouette Studio

Design and prepare images for cutting on the Silhouette Cameo 3.

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