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Universal Laser Systems VLS 6.60

The VLS 6.60 can engrave wood, leather, slate, glass, stainless steel, and cut wood up to 1/4″ thick.

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Q: When can I use the laser cutter? 

A: If you’ve never used the laser cutter before, you should attend EDGE Lab Aspire or make an appointment with Mr. Torres (stop by the EDGE Lab or email: [email protected]) to learn how to engrave and cut. You can also sign up for the Maker Lab elective course to learn more about using EDGE Lab equipment.

If you’re just interested in placing an order (not operating the laser cutter yourself) please see below…

Q: How can I place an order for items to be engraved? 

A: Please contact Mr. Torres (stop by the EDGE Lab or email: t[email protected]) to discuss the project you have in mind.

Q: How much does it cost to engrave an item?

A: It depends on the item and the design. See below for some general guidelines:

Service Rate For Engraving:

Material Cost for Big Pieces of Birch Wood: $0.02 per square inch.

Other Engravable Material: Check material cost (see Mr. Torres) 

Cost for Run Time: $0.05 per minute

Setup Cost (Rotary): $2.00

Design Cost: $6.00 for Scottie Dog and text, $7.00 for custom designs

Total cost = Material Cost + Run Time Cost + Setup + Design Cost

Flat Rate Items:

Dog Tags: $1.00

Leather Bracelets: $4.00

Metal Cards (.8mm): $1.50

Metal Cards (.2mm): $0.10

Small Round Wood: $0.25



Adjusting Settings

Adjust settings for engraving & cutting

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Corel Draw Tutorial

Use Corel to prepare images for engraving & cutting

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