Advanced 3D Modeling

PRE-REQUISITE: You must complete the “Intro to 3D Modeling” badge before you can earn the “Advanced 3D Modeling” badge. 

The EDGE Lab uses a Digital Badging system to make sure that students have the necessary knowledge and skills to independently use EDGE Lab equipment.

If you’ve already completed the “Intro to 3D Modeling” badge, this is the next step! By completing the “Advanced 3D Modeling” Digital Badge, you’re demonstrating that you’ve completed the necessary training to create 3D models, render your designs in the necessary software, and print them out on any of the lab’s 3D printers, including our high-end Prusa printer. You’ll also get the privilege of using our cutting-edge HP Sprout Pro G2, and of printing out up to 3 models every month, free of cost!

All EDGE Lab Badges are in the form of Canvas “modules.” You can work through the “Advanced 3D Modeling” module at your own pace, from any computer, although, if you choose to work from a personal computer, you’ll need to download a free student version of AutoCad. You will also need to schedule a couple of in-person tutorials, with EDGE Lab staff, to learn the operation of specialized equipment.

What You’ll Learn:

  • AutoCad software basics
  • Scanning objects & creating 3D models on the HP Sprout Pro G2
  • Rendering and printing designs on the Prusa i3 mk2 printer


What You’ll Earn (after completing the Badging Module):

  • Up to 3 free prints a month on the EDGE Lab 3D printers
  • Use of the HP Sprout Pro G2 computer / scanner
  • Access to the EDGE Lab during “Badged Students Only” times
  • A digital badge that you can display on your resume or portfolio


What You’ll Do to Earn the “Intro to 3D Modeling” Badge:

  • Complete some AutoCad tutorials
  • Create 3 original AutoCad designs
  • Work with EDGE Lab staff to render & print out an original AutoCad design on the Prusa printer
  • Work with EDGE Lab staff to learn operation / troubleshooting of EDGE Lab printers
  • Complete a tutorial – with EDGE Lab staff – on using the HP Sprout Pro G2
  • Complete a scan on the HP Sprout and edit & render a final design

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This module is still in progress, but will be available soon!! Check back for more info