Arduino Badge

The EDGE Lab uses a Digital Badging system to make sure that students have the necessary knowledge and skills to independently use EDGE Lab equipment. By completing the “Arduino” Digital Badge, you’re demonstrating that you understand the basic components of an Arduino, & how to create simple circuits and sketches. Once you’ve completed the activities to earn the badge, you’ll be able to use advanced Arduino components, check out Arduino kits from the EDGE Lab, and use the Lab’s “Codebender” account (to code sketches online, without the IDE software). You’ll also get access to the Lab during “Badged Students Only” times.

All EDGE Lab Badges are in the form of Canvas “modules.” You can work through the “Arduino” module at your own pace, whenever you have time in the Lab. Just submit the activities as you finish!

What You’ll Learn:

  • Installing IDE
  • Creating sketches
  • Assembling circuits
  • Uploading to Arduino
  • Modifying code

What You’ll Earn (after completing the Badging Module):

  • Access to advanced Arduino components & sensors
  • Check-out privileges for EDGE Lab Arduino kits
  • Access to the EDGE Lab’s Codebender account
  • Access to the EDGE Lab during “Badged Students Only” times
  • A digital badge that you can display on your resume or portfolio

What You’ll Do to Earn the “Arduino” Badge:

  • Blinking an LED
  • Using a Potentiometer
  • Programming an RGB LED
  • Connecting Multiple LEDs
  • Using a Push Button Input
  • Using a Photo resistor