Silhouette & T-Shirt Press

The EDGE Lab uses a Digital Badging system to make sure that students have the necessary knowledge and skills to independently use EDGE Lab equipment. By completing the “Silhouette & T-Shirt Press” Digital Badge, you’re demonstrating that you can create basic designs on the Silhouette, cut vinyl and heat transfers, and use the T-Shirt Press without assistance from EDGE Lab staff. You’ll also get the opportunity to cut out up to 5 free vinyl decals or stickers, and make one free t-shirt.

All EDGE Lab Badges are in the form of Canvas “modules.” For this badge, you’re required to attend Silhouette & T-Shirt Press workshops, orientations, or tutorials in the EDGE Lab, where you’ll get instruction on how to use the equipment. Once you know the basics, you’re free to work through the rest of the badging module at your own pace.

For Silhouette Studio activities, you may choose to download a free copy of the software on  a personal computer, so that you can work off-campus. Just submit the activities as you finish!

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to operate the Silhouette Cameo 3 to cut card stock, vinyl, and vinyl heat transfers
  • How to use the Silhouette Studio design software
  • How to “weed” your finished designs
  • How to safely operate the heat press to apply vinyl transfers to t-shirts

What You’ll Earn (after completing the Badging Module):

  • 3 free sheets of vinyl / month
  • 1 free heat transfer and t-shirt
  • Ability to use the Silhouette & Heat Press for personal or school projects
  • Access to the EDGE Lab during “Badged Students Only” times
  • A digital badge that you can display on your resume or portfolio

What You’ll Do to Earn the “Silhouette & T-Shirt Press” Badge:

  • Attend a Silhouette workshop or tutorial
  • Attend a T-Shirt Press workshop or tutorial
  • Create original designs in Silhouette Studio
  • Cut practice designs on card stock, vinyl, and heat transfer vinyl using the Silhouette Cameo 3
  • Use the T-Shirt Press to apply a vinyl transfer to a t-shirt

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