Soldering Badge

In order to use the EDGE Lab’s soldering irons, you must earn a “Soldering Digital Badge.”

The EDGE Lab uses a Digital Badging system to make sure that students have the necessary knowledge and skills to independently use EDGE Lab equipment. Earning a Digital Badge gives you certain privileges in the Lab, and might also earn you free stuff! See here for a list of the Digital Badges currently available

You can earn the “Soldering Digital Badge” in two ways:

  • Attend a workshop (see calendar for schedule and to sign up for upcoming workshops)
    • If you’ve completed a workshop, please fill out this Google Form as evidence of completing the Soldering Digital Badge. You do not need to complete any additional assignments if you’ve already attended a Soldering Workshop.


What You’ll Learn:

  • Proper soldering techniques & safety

What You’ll Earn:

  • Ability to use the EDGE Lab soldering irons and electronics components
  • Access to the lab during “Badged Students Only” times