Using the Heat Press

Intended usage:

The EDGE Lab heat press is designed to press heat transfer vinyl (HTV) and transfer papers onto soft garments such as t-shirts, sweat pants, or vinyl bags. Do not use other, unapproved materials, and do not set the temperature higher than 480 degrees Fahrenheit, as it will burn out the heating element.

Use care during operation:

Be careful as you use the heat press. During operation, the platens will get hot enough to do serious injury if you touch them, and surrounding metal parts will also reach high temperatures.

How to press Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV):

  1. Use a vinyl cutter to cut your heat transfer vinyl material. In most cases, you will want to MIRROR the design so that when it cuts, it appears backwards.
  2. Trim around the image to make it a manageable size.
  3. Weed your design, removing the excess material. Remember to remove any material from the inside of letters such as O and A. (Tip: If you heat up the material using the bottom platen or your un-closed heat press for 2 to 3 seconds, it will be a lot easier to weed most materials.)
  4. Find the appropriate heating instructions for the material you’re using (see below), and set your heat press time and temperature using manufacturer recommended settings.
  5. Use the Pressure Adjustment knob on the top of the press to adjust the pressure as recommended. (see below)
  6. When the heat press reaches the target temperature, place your garment on the bottom platen so that it is flat and there are no wrinkles in the material. Warning: The platens will be very hot. Be careful.
  7. Pre-press the garment for 2 to 3 seconds to remove wrinkles and moisture.
  8. Position the heat transfer vinyl on the material so that the colored vinyl on the liner is touching the shirt. (Your design should appear through the liner un-mirrored.)
  9. Lay a sheet of Teflon paper over the design to keep the top platen clean and avoid scorching the surface of your heat transfer vinyl.
  10. Press the material at the time/temperature recommended by the manufacturer.
  11. Open the press and remove the Teflon sheet. Set it aside as it can be re-used a limited
    number of times.
  12. Next, peel the liner sheet off the top of the garment. Note: After removing the garment, resist the urge to stretch, crumple or otherwise manipulate the pressed garment until the material has had a chance to rest for 24 hours or so. (The chemical composition of the vinyl and adhesive are still reforming as the material cools.)

Heat Settings / Times

Transfer Use On Temp. Pressure Time Peel
Siser EasyWeed Vinyl Cotton, Polyester, & PolyCotton blends 305 F Medium 10-15 seconds Hot / Cold
 Paropy InkJet Light Transfer Paper Cotton, Polyester, & PolyCotton blends 350 F Heavy 20 seconds Hot
 Paropy InkJet Dark Transfer Paper Cotton, Polyester, & PolyCotton blends 375 F Medium 25 seconds Cold